What new in IBM Notes 10?

From upgrading the client to working with it.

I decided that we have to have a look at all the new features that was released in IBM Notes 10. Let’s take a few days to cover each item that IBM released on their website as new.

I upgraded my client from 9.0.1 FP7 admin and designer to 10.0.1 Admin and Designer.

The upgrade is pretty standard if you are used to the old setup. It picked up my custom location for the current notes client fine.

The install completed successfully as expected, although it was very lenghy, but that can be expected with the almost 1GB install.

At the first glance everything seems to be exactly the same. The workspace has a new look with a nice background. You have the option to change it according to your liking. To change the background image, from any workspace page, right-click, select Background, and then select one of these options:

  • None to remove the image and use the workspace tab color as the background color.
  • Default to use the default background image.
  • Choose to use your own background image by selecting an image file from your computer.

IBM notes on their release notes that you can revert to the previous Workspace look by adding the following to your notes.ini:


Customize colour themes

Another new option IBM has added is to change the colour themes of certain parts of the interface. This isn’t entirely new as some options was available before and you could match to the system etc, but they also incorporated it into templates.

To change the theme colours you can visit the preferences of the client:

  1. Click File > Preferences. Click Fonts, Colors, and Themes.
  2. With IBM Theme selected, click Customize Theme.
  3. To choose a new color theme, click the color box next to Choose your theme and select a color. Or, keep the default theme.
  4. To adjust the color theme for individual components in Notes, expand a component and select new colors.

I will be reviewing the rest of the features IBM mentioned as new in IBM Notes 10, Notes Administration 10 and some of Notes Designer 10 soon so come back often to read about the rest.